RPG Book - Mystic Times: Saraahd's Secret Shrine [Adventure - Tier 1/Low Level]

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The Secrets of Saraahd the White Witch Await!

One of the most notorious villains of the Mystic Times™ setting has been found in your village. The evil White Witch Saraahd has been living in a Secret Shrine not far from your home. And now, a bounty has been put out for her Journal. It is yours for the taking. This adventure is ready for your low level players to get underway.

Inside this book you will find:

• An adventure for low level characters. 
• The Map of The Shrine of Inari.
•Four new Monsters, including Death Snails, Lerathien Man-Traps and Wood Elementals 
• 20+ new spells from the schools of Demonology and Svart-Craft. 
• 50 Herbs and their uses. 
• 19 New Potions/Tonics/Infusions 
• And the story behind Saraahd the White’s dark past.

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