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Welcome to The Jade Table

Hi! We’re Arjade (Raymond) and Mrs Ginger Fox (Rachel), and we are The Jade Table.

It was the fate of the internet that brought us together, and with our powers combined we hope to bring you ALL the EPIC LOOTS.

Arjade brings over 20 years of role-playing and table-top gaming experience, with an extensive portfolio of DM campaigns and projects under his belt. He is the publisher of the Mystic Times fantasy setting, including Pathfinder adventure modules, gaming resources, novels and short-stories.

Mrs Ginger Fox has an ever-growing online following of her quirky, yet nerdy sense of style. With a passion for Japanese culture, talent for music and appreciation of all things kawaii, she is the brains behind our craft and pop culture couture/merchandise.

We look forward to sharing our adventures with you, so please pull up a chair and join us at The Jade Table!

A note about articles of clothing.

Generally speaking we here at The Jade Table try to keep everything gender neutral and are totally cool with however individuals happen to identify. We have tried our very best to source as much clothing that is unisex as possible and advocate for the breaking of gender norms. 

When creating this site we originally had hoped to not have to label clothing by gender, however it has come to our attention that the cuts of some clothing are specifically designed to fit the body shapes of women in a way that makes it difficult to be worn by the average man. We also discovered that sizings can sometimes be tailored based on its initial target demographic. In these instances we have labelled the clothing as such to prevent customer dissatisfaction or poor fitting.

Please be aware of these size and shape differences and undestand that this phrasing has been used in the interest of ensuring fit and form is satisfactory rather than any other reason. In the absence of universally accepted non-gendered terms sadly this is where we must stand.  We would be very willing to listen to any feedback regarding this issue and eagerly seek suggestions regarding a solution that best fits everyone involved.